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Designed for the Nordic Embassies in Berlin by Sigurd Larsen, the Felleshocker family of furniture was created to inspire informal meetings. The stools and benches of varying heights facilitate these short conversations, activating the various corner spaces of the embassy complex.

The Nordic Embassies in Berlin is a unique collaboration between five Nordic countries. The sixth building, located at the entrance, is a communal space called the Felleshuset. The word Felles exists in most of the Scandinavian languages and can be translated as shared, together or Gemeinschaft. This gave name to the new furniture, in combination with Hocker, the German word for stool.


Hard oak wood treated with sustainable oil. Powder-coated aluminum or galvanized steel. Brass screws.


STOOL: L 42 cm / D 36 cm / H 51 cm

BAR CHAIR MIDDLE : L 42 cm / D 36 cm / H 66,5 cm

BAR CHAIR TALL: L 42 cm / D 36 cm / H 83 cm

BENCH PLAIN: L 121 cm / D 36 cm / H 51 cm

BENCH PERFORATED: L 121 cm / D 36 cm / H 51 cm


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